Dragon Queens

"Dragon Queens" banner image, depicting the title in a brass-coloured, fantasy-medieval font. Either side of the logo stands a tower: one gothic, all arches and spires; the other a more modest and stocky turret. Each one has a dragon queen sat atop it, with various food and luxury items spread at the base of the towers in tribute to them.

A game of strategy, tributes and glamour. Expand your influence, bring prosperity to your realm and become the greatest dragon queen in all the land!

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Dragon Queens is our debut game project: a non-military, multiplayer strategy game for mobile devices. You and a friend or family member each play as a dragon queen watching over a peaceful and sedate realm. It is in your power to transform the realm’s villages and cities into prosperous centres for culture, joy and luxury goods – gladly offered in tribute by your devoted subjects.

Tribute items in "Dragon Queens": a bolt of red silk, a green cup of tea, a ring encrusted with blue gems, and a slice of delicious sponge cake

These tributes inspire your dragon queen towards great magical feats: spreading your influence further and ensuring that your realm is the most fabulous. Put your rivals in their place and ensure that it’s you the people love!