A game of strategy, tributes and glamour. Expand your influence, bring prosperity to your realm and become the greatest dragon queen in all the land!

Dragon Queens is our debut game project: a non-military, multiplayer strategy game for mobile devices. You and a companion each play as a dragon queen watching over a peaceful and sedate realm. It is in your power to transform the realm's villages and cities into prosperous centres for culture, joy and luxury goods - gladly offered in tribute by your devoted subjects.

Illustration: Tribute items in Dragon Queens, including a bolt of red silk, a green cup of tea, a ring encrusted with blue gems, and a slice of delicious sponge cake.

These tributes inspire your dragon queen towards great magical feats: spreading your influence further and ensuring that your realm is the most fabulous. Put your rivals in their place and ensure that it's you the people love!



The Big Indie Pitch 🇬🇧 2017
GameCity Festival 🇬🇧 2016


Dragon Queens is being developed with a variety of accessibility functions in mind:

  • customisable UI
  • optional single-touch interface
  • flexible pace, turn-based play
  • colour blind-friendly palette

For more on how we're developing these tools and methods, either visit Kaludoscope's blog or catch one of our conference talks!

Concept Art

Illustration: 3D art of two of the titular dragon queens. These are pink and smiling Maude, left, and purple and coy Evelyn, right.